Company Info

are ELECTRONICS is a small design/prototype/CAD house, founded in 1981, that has found a niche in a very specific market.

Our market is the "in betweens" .. companies or individuals who need some work done that's GOT TO BE DONE PROFESSIONALLY, but can't afford to go to one of the big engineering firms and don't want the risk of using someone less experienced.

The above statement should not be seen as an attempt to disparage the "big guys", who for large high-technology projects are the ONLY logical choice. But sometimes for reasons of price or delivery or flexibility ( or the lack thereof ), a large firm is not an appropriate choice.

Nor is this an attempt to discredit the freelance individual. For some of the simple ( and perhaps not so simple ) jobs, they are an acceptable choice. At the same time, it should be remembered that a lack of experience can ultimately turn out to be costly.

But for the "in between" jobs, where the project calls for experienced designers working at an affordable price, are ELECTRONICS may be the choice. You'll find our rates to be reasonable, our quality assured, and our references long.