Curling Timers

One of our most successful products has been our Curling Timers. They are not adaptations of some other sport's time system, but were designed expressly FOR for curlers BY curlers. During the initial creation stages, we went back and forth MANY times with many curlers, timers, and the regulatory associations until everyone was happy with the system.

They are simple, easy to use, convenient, and affordable.

The system is composed of a Hand Unit, that does all the time keeping, and one or more OPTIONAL Remote Units, to view the times from somewhere other than the timekeeper's area.

The Hand Unit

The HU-2 is a hand held, battery powered device, and does all the work. It's about the size and shape of a large   TV remote control and has large   buttons that are easily operated with gloves on  . It has a large temperature compensated readout (it works in the cold) that displays the times, as well as displaying other short, easy to understand messages.

Using colour-coded keys, when the RED team is on the clock, press the RED button. When the YELLOW team is on the clock, press the YELLOW button. When no one is one the clock, press STOP. Pretty simple. (If your club uses different colours of rocks, let us know. A wide variety of colours are available.)

If a timeout is called, press the TIMEOUT button. The HU-2 will show TIMEOUT in the display, and 30 seconds on the timer. If a longer TIMEOUT is desired, press TIMEOUT again and 1 minute will show on the timer. Repeated presses of TIMEOUT will show longer and longer times, up to 99 minutes.

Time for extra ends, longer timeouts (for TV commercials ?), and adding or subtracting time (for special matches) are all possible, and all by pressing just a single key.

They're also safe. It's almost impossible to accidentally lose a team's time by pressing the wrong key. To change a team's remaining time, the STOP key must be pressed first, then the CHANGE key must be pressed FOUR TIMES IN A ROW before the time can be modified. Pretty hard to do that accidentally !

You can't even turn the unit off accidentally. The HU-2 has no single ON-OFF switch. To turn them off, you must press a single button SIXTEEN times ! They do turn off automatically if left sitting ( to conserve battery power ) BUT when turned back on, they show the same time as when they "went to sleep".

The Remote Units

The Remote Units are large displays, suitable for placement on the ice or in the stands. They connect by a thin cord to the HU-2 hand unit, and the HU-2 then sends the times to the displays, so that the curlers and/or the fans can see the times as well.

There are a number of different Remote Units, with the numbers varying in size from 2.5" to 18 " ! The most common model to date has been the RU-4 , with 4" digits. This unit seems to be a nice compromise between size (easy to carry around), brightness (they show up great on TV) and price.

The Remote Units are very versatile .. they come supplied with a 30 foot connection cord to the HU-2, but they can be UP TO 1/4 mile away from the HU-2 with NO loss of performance. And as many Remote Units as desired can be connected to a single HU-2.

There is no limit to the number of Remote Units that can be connected to a single HU-2 Hand Unit.

The Remote Units can be ordered with virtually any colour identification plates, not just the yellow and red shown here.  Also, they have the most unique feature of reconfiguring themselves for "upside down" operation, to match the colours on the scoreboard !

The Remote Units also ship with a set of In-A-Pinch   adaptors. Using the In-A-Pinch   adaptors, the Remote Units can be connected to a Hand Unit using ordinary telephone wire !

(It always seems to happen .. it's midnight, the briar starts tomorrow, and one of the wires is just a bit too short. Find a telephone cord and you're back in business.)

We don't recommend using telephone cables ALL the time (although many of our customers do), but In-A-Pinch   ...