Gecko Error/Reset Controller rev 1


Here's some information on the original version of the GERC.  This has been superceded by Rev 2, which offers a couple of improvements.  But for those wishing to build their own from scratch, this page should have all the information required to do.

Here's a picture of the boards.


The switch board can be used as is, with 1/4" mini switches for a nice, compact unit, perhaps remotely connected to the main controller.  Or it can used simply as a convenient means of wiring up conventional 1/2" switches.

An owner's manual, of sorts, can be downloaded here.

Here's a PDF of the schematic, including board layouts.

Here's the Gerbers, for those of you who want to roll their own.

And here's the source code  in Parallax/TechTools (8051) format.   I wanted to make it easy to understand and easy to debug.  I made no attempt to make it small and tight, as shaving microseconds off a device controlling mechanical devices like motors and relays, at the expense of readability, seems counterproductive.